Armed with her enchanting voice, captivating melodies, and heart-engaging lyrics, Ela Dawn is an international, electronic-house-pop singer/songwriter. Interlacing her music with soothing compositions and meaningful life experience.


Born Daniela Krook in Jakobstad, Finland 23 of April 1993, Ela was heavily influenced trough her childhood by her Dad's interest in music and observing him at the piano made her inspired to start playing too. Early on, Ela was introduced to bands and artists like Abba, Elvis Presley and Spice girls, a mix of swedish and international artists and bands. Ela began developing her artistry by taking voice lessons at age 15 and taught herself to play piano, and after writing her first song at age 17 it became very clear to Ela that a career in music was her “end-all”.


Making the decision to further pursue a career in music, in spring of 2018 Ela traveled to Houston, TX to study under 2X Grammy Nominee Sarah Kelly, and record with Jonas Ekman of SWEEKMAN PRODUCTIONS. As part of her training, Ela serves as a house writer for Sarah Kelly Music School, which is an artist development program that is attracting music industry corporations such as Capitol CMG,  AWAL publishing, and KOBALT music group. Additionaly Ela is heavily involved with SKMS’s songwriting program, which is a revolutionary songwriter development model that has been coined by Mike Clink (Grammy co-chair, produced Guns N’ Roses) as “the future of music”, making it possible to collaborate with multiple upcoming songwriters that have already been placed on the Grammy ballot.


As of October 2018, Ela is signed with SWEEKMAN Artists, via partnership with AWAL and Kobalt music group, will release her first single which will commence the launch of her release campaign later in the year. Accompanying her artist debut, Ela has recently performed for Mike Clink (producer of Guns n' roses, writer of "Eye of the Tiger", co-chair of the Grammys), and Casey McGinty (Vice president of Capitol CMG). As part of her release campaign, Ela Dawn is set to perform her debut tour, announcing several performances in Texas, which she will conclude in her home-country of Finland. For more information about music release dates and tour dates follow Ela Dawn on all social media platforms.